Mananam - as it is

 Mananam, means to understand and share knowledge exactly as explained in the original version of any text. We named our project as Mananam as we sacredly read and understood our epics and puranas, strived hard to visit as many places related to these epics as we could, in order to make our delivery more accurate. We have spent long years on sharpening our knowledge about our epics and puranas by referring various literatures and by interacting with scholars who do deep research about these sacred texts.

 With deep and sincere commitment, the knowledge gathered over years is now made as simplified training material without compromising on the original stories. Rendering is another act that retains the interest of the audience who happily interact and make the sessions livelier and more successful.

What We Do

 Most of us brought up in joint families, and had a chance of listening stories from our Epics and Puranas. As this generation kids miss the stories and have less chance of knowing Greatness of our India’s Mythology, we decided to fill the gap as considering them as a family member. Thus the idea established and incorporated on 25th Mar 2021. Our 1st Batch filled with 70 Students for learning Ramayanam in English and Tamil. Here our journey continued.

    We tell the story:

  • As it is.
  • Concise and not diluted based on audience.
  • Courses are in short time (1 day/ 3 days/ 5 days / 7 days / 9 days).
  • Exclusive Courses for Kids and Adults Separately.
  • Classes are not caste, creed, religion oriented.
  • It's Spiritual and not religious.

Our Courses



  • The Ramayana
  • The Mahabharata


  • Srimad Bhagavadam
  • Vishnu Puranam
  • Varaha Puranam
  • Padma Puranam


  • Srimad Bhagavad Gita
  • Sriman Narayaneeyam
  • Thirupaavai
  • Sri Krishna Leela
  • 12 Alwar Stories
  • About Vaikunta Ekadasi
  • Sanatana Dharmam
  • Sthri Dharmam
  • and list will be continued…



Batches Completed


Families Attended


Countries Reached

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